Jen Sackett

Volunteering since December 2022

What Inspired You to Volunteer with Meals on Wheels?

It was not so much what inspired me, but who inspired me. My husband Gary started delivering meals once a week after he retired at the encouragement of a good friend of ours. When I was laid off from my fulltime job in February of 2022, I started riding along with him. I had heard of Meals on Wheels, but didn’t realize all the effort that goes into it. I was truly amazed! From the kitchen staff at Horizons who prepare the meals every day to the folks who keep us volunteers informed and organized, they are incredibly dedicated and passionate about feeding those in need. Once I started delivering meals to clients, I saw how thankful they were to get a hot meal, and really enjoyed chatting with some them.

Any Advice for Those Considering Volunteering with Meals on Wheels?

It is a great opportunity to show compassion to others, whether you’re delivering meals or volunteering at Horizons with various other tasks. It’s all about caring for the needs of those who may not get a regular daily meal, but it’s also about being that one person they have contact with and who they can talk to, even if it’s for a short time.

Share a Memorable Experience While Delivering Meals.

I had a favorite client who I looked forward to seeing every week. She and I just hit it off and enjoyed our time together. One day she told me she was moving to a care facility and I asked if I could visit her once she was settled. She said “I want you to”. That made my heart so happy. I still continue to visit her regularly and we have lots more time to talk! She’s even taught me some card games. She is just very special to me.

What Keeps You Motivated to Continue Volunteering?

The people. Everyone at Horizons who I’ve had the pleasure of working with as a volunteer, they have taught me so much. The clients we deliver meals to, the clients I help serve at the Brownstone congregate meal site twice week, the other volunteers I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside, and it’s been a very rewarding experience.

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